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The Bataan Death March

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Oriental Sun Treatment -- Photo Courtesy of the Battling Bastards of Bataan What was the Oriental Sun Treatment?
During the day, at some point, the Japanese would call a halt. We would go to an open field and sit down. We just sat there, the hot sun beating down on us like mad.

After an hour or so, they would get us up and we would start walking again.

Was there any shade?
If there was any shade, the Japanese found it. Guards still walked around where we were. You could have slipped away any time, but where would you have gone?

Weary American Soldiers Rest in Utter Fear and Disbelief. -- U.S. Archive Photo The Japanese probably wanted to rest. Did you have anything to keep the sun off you?
We had no shade whatsoever! I was fortunate because I had my helmet on.

They let you wear it?
Yes. Some other soldiers had helmets but many others were bareheaded.

Didn't everybody get terribly sunburned?
We were used to it. If you didn't have a hat on, though, it was tough.

Did the Japanese issue different clothing?
We wore the same clothes we had on when we were captured.

As you walked, were the Japanese constantly yelling and pushing or did they just walk along with everyone else?
It depended on us. If we got below a certain walking speed, they would start hollering. As long as you kept a fairly decent pace, they didn't say or do anything. It wasn't a fast pace, just kind of shuffling along. The last two days we walked in close formation.

The Japanese weren't too keen on a forced march?
No. They had to walk along with us.

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