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Website Dedication
Author Rick Peterson



The Road to Bataan

The Bataan Death March

The San Fernando Train Ride

Camp O'Donnell

Clark Field Concentration Camp

Bilibid Prison

The Hell Ships


The Nomachi Express

Camp Nomachi

Surrender, Liberation, and Repatriation


University of Minnesota
Alf R. Larson
Recorded Oral History

Governor Pawlenty
State of the State Address Tribute

KSTP TV Newscasts

Duluth TV Newscasts

KTIS Radio Interview
Rick P./Paulette K.
Alf's Christian Faith

Alf's Letter to God

Alf R. Larson

In Memory:
Alf R. Larson
Star Tribune

US Representative
Erik Paulsen's Tribute

Alf Larson Day -
City of Crystal

Bataan Death March Route Map

Philippine Department of Tourism

Star Tribune:
March of Time
("Article of Interest" for 4-6 Grade Basic Skills Reading Test Prep)

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Website Dedication by Author Rick Peterson

Alf R. Larson was a Christian man and believed and lived by those values. Throughout his life, especially in World War II during the brutal Battle of Bataan and horrific experiences as a prisoner of war of the Imperial Japanese Army, he never wavered from his trust and faith in Jesus Christ, his Savior and Lord. This website is dedicated to the glory of God who Alf served so faithfully and to the bountiful blessings he richly bestowed on him, even in captivity, and on all His people who trust, serve, and believe in Him.

Yes, all glory to Him, who alone is God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Yes, glory, majesty, power, and authority belong to Him in the beginning, now, and forever more, Amen.

Rick Peterson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Used with permission - Star Tribune

Used with permission - Star Tribune

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